Scalability. Flexibility. Intuitive flowcharting.

Arena simulation software empowers you with the ability to reduce costs, measure performance and optimize operations. It's planning that's proven.

Organizations throughout the world are quickly moving to adopt process modeling and simulation as an integral part of their business decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives. With wider acceptance of simulation, consumers are demanding tools that support a breadth of applications, scale to fit different needs through a project life cycle, and integrate with corporate modeling and database systems.

Rockwell Automation fulfills these needs in the Arena product family.

Product Name Product Type Application Domain
Standard Edition Standard Model Development

Model pull, Kanban, and other advanced manufacturing systems. Customer Service, internal business processes such as order fulfillment, service, call centers, and more.

Professional Edition Professional Model Development

Complex, large-scale projects involving highly sensitive changes related to supply chain, manufacturing, processes, logistics, distribution, warehousing, and service systems.

Ability to create custom templates for complex, repetitive logic, to simplify model development and reduce model development time.

Operational and strategic packaging line design issues such as investing in new machines, designing sensor logic, and conveyor operations.

Options Product Type Application Domain
OptQuest for Arena Optimization Tool Optimization tool (solver) customized and fine-tuned for analyzing the results of simulation runs conducted in Arena (experimentation).
Run Time Simulation Player

Distribute Arena models to others for viewing and experimentation.