Introduction to Simulation and Arena

This 40-minute webcast provides an overview of Discrete Event Simulation technology and the Arena simulation software product. Emphasis is placed on the value of simulation versus other decision support tools, and the benefits of using Arena versus other simulation packages. Several demonstration models are shown and a new, small model is built from scratch.

Using Arena Simulation Software to Improve Healthcare Processes

This Webcast is specifically designed to discuss and demonstrate health care modeling and patient flow issues using Arena simulation software.

The Webcast begins with an overview followed by an in-depth demonstration of Arena. Health care and hospital process flow topics will include:

  • Emergency department
  • X-ray
  • Lab
  • Triage
  • and more!

Arena Advanced Consulting Topics

Each 60-minute Webcast will consist of two parts:

  1. A prepared discussion demonstrating an advanced Arena modeling topic. Potential topics include using 3-dimensional arrays, manipulating queues, advanced grouping techniques, and so on.
  2. An open forum for general Arena questions and discussion.