Arena FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What industries does Arena serve?
How broad is the user base for Arena?
How is simulation different from modeling processes in a spreadsheet?
How does Arena compare to other simulation packages?
What is the current release version of Arena?
I love the new features in the latest release of Arena. What can I expect in the future?
We have an older version of Arena. Can we upgrade an old license?
Can the current version of Arena run a model I built 10 years ago?

Getting Started with Arena Questions

Can I download trial software?
Are there examples to help me get started in building models?
What are the differences in the Arena packages?

Installation and Activation Questions

What are the hardware and software requirements for Arena?
How do I activate my new Arena product?
I received my Arena upgrade package in the mail, how do I rehost and activate my license?
What is node-locked activation licensing?
What is concurrent activation licensing?
Does Arena support running on virtual servers?

Academic User Questions

I want to teach simulation using Arena, do you have an academic offering?
I have a research project and would like to use Arena, do you have a research offering?
What are the acceptable uses of Academic software?
The 30-User Arena Academic license is not perpetual. How does the timeout policy work?
What teaching materials are available?
The Simulation with Arena textbook references a different version of Arena than the version I can download on your website. What version should I use for teaching?

Arena 3D Animation Questions

What is the Arena Visual Designer?
Is Arena 3D a post process application?
What 3D file formats can be used in the Arena 3D animation environment?
What is the polygon count of a 3D object and why should my 3D objects have a low polygon count?
I have a 3D object that has a high polygon count. What applications can I use to reduce the polygon count?
Why do I need a robust computer graphics card and specific requirements for creating 3D animation in the Arena Visual Designer?
Can I model material handling operations in 3D?
What training tools are available for learning how to use the Visual Designer tool to create data dashboards and 3D animation?