The Rockwell Software MySupport Web site provides an extensive knowledgebase of answers to your simulation questions. The site is updated daily by a worldwide network of phone support specialists.

This site uses three different search methods to locate information within the knowledgebase. You may search for all technical notes published within the last 30 days; by product or topic; or by specific technical note ID#, which is helpful when you are revisiting a previously viewed document. These search methods are described in full on the MySupport site.

Visit the Knowledgebase at Rockwell Software for Arena technical notes that may be of interest to you. To access information on Arena, select "Search for public answers" and enter Arena in the search criteria. Additional search details should be added for a more focused query. Note: If you do not already have a Knowledgebase account, you will be prompted to register for the site.


MySupport gives you the ability to personalize the Rockwell Automation Support Services Web site for your product interest. Once you complete a brief profile, MySupport can send you regular e-mail messages with links to the latest technotes, software updates, and firmware updates for the products that are of interest to you, as well as highlight this information on the Support Services web page.

To establish your MySupport account, register here and set your technote, software update, and firmware update preferences.