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Arena is the #1 Choice of Academic Institutions Worldwide

Hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide use Arena Simulation Software. In fact, it is taught in more institutions worldwide than any other discrete-event simulation software tool on the market. It is also used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies and has a global user base that reaches 350,000 and continues to grow annually.

The Educational version of Arena provides value by introducing students to the principles of simulation. In addition to individual student and laboratory licensing, there is also an educational research package designed to meet all simulation research needs.

Arena License Options For:

Why Teach Arena Simulation?

The goal of university education is to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience they need to begin their professional careers. Arena Simulation Software is the most widely-used Discrete Event Simulation software in the world. Companies consider experience with Arena simulation to be a differentiator and a competitive advantage when making hiring decisions.

Arena Simulation Software is not only the most widely-used simulation product on the market today, but it is also the most comprehensive. It addresses the variety of academic needs and challenges any student or organization may face. Whether it be simulation labs, student projects, graduate, or post-graduate research, Arena Simulation software is the best choice for simulation software training.

Over 52,000 students graduate yearly with Arena training.

We offer flexible licensing offerings to meet the unique needs of Academia.


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