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The #1 Choice of Academic Institutions offers Flexible Options

One of the many reasons why Arena Simulation Software is the choice of so many worldwide universities and colleges is that it offers choices to meet the needs of all academia. The Arena Student version provides the functionality of Arena Professional Edition, with only a limit to the size of the models that can be built. For professors whose teaching materials and examples require more than the Arena Student version, universities and academic institutions can license the Arena Academic Laboratory package based on Arena Professional Edition, plus OptQuest for optimization. The Arena research package is designed for professors and graduate students who are performing independent or graduate-level academic research.

All Arena Educational versions are based on the Professional Edition package. This package includes all of the functionality that Arena has to offer.

Take a look at the comparison table and choose the best Arena offering to meet your academic requirements.

Arena Academic Offerings
  Student Version Academic Laboratory Academic Research
Number of Users         1            30           1
OptQuest for Arena              ✓           ✓
Arena Professional Edition         ✓            ✓           ✓
Network Capable              ✓           ✓
Model Size Limitations         ✓    
Access to Selected Online Help         ✓            ✓           ✓
Access to Arena Tech Support              ✓           ✓
Access to Teaching Materials              ✓  
Commercial Use Restrictions         ✓            ✓           ✓
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