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The Arena Advantage for Academic Researchers

The Arena Simulation Software research package is designed for professors and graduate students who are performing independent or graduate-level academic research. This package is a one-seat license that includes a dongle key for easily transferring the license across machines. Professors, masters and Ph.D. candidates can acquire a temporary Single-User Arena Academic license. This offering is based on the Arena Professional Edition software, plus OptQuest. There is no model size or functionality limit with this package. The Academic version can be used for non-profit research outside of the classroom setting, where the primary goal of the research is to solve a general problem and results are publicly shared and published. Research outside of these parameters—including for-profit or outside of the classroom setting, where research is conducted to solve a specific organization’s problem—is not permitted.

Research package requirements include:

  • Software can be used for valid research purposes only. Commercial use of this software is strictly prohibited
  • User must sign and return the academic agreement documentation prior to purchase
  • Following academic research, the user must provide a link or copy of the publicly shared research paper
  • Any published research must acknowledge or reference the use of Arena simulation software in the publication

For license and fee information or other program details, contact us at arena-education@ra.rockwell.com

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