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The Arena Advantage for Students

With Arena training, students are introduced to the principles of simulation and will enhance their problem-solving skills by conducting effective simulation modeling, analysis, and research projects. Simulation concepts are understood quickly and easily through a simple flowchart modeling approach.

Why Study Arena?

Students who have Arena experience possess a valuable skill sought after by many companies.

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Getting Started with Arena

Watch a few videos to get up and running with Arena simulation software.

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IISE/Arena Student Competition Winners

Students from all over the world compete on Simulation projects. The winning teams compete for cash prizes.

The IISE/Arena Competition

More than 52,000 students graduate yearly with Arena training.

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Arena Simulation Research Package

The Arena Simulation Software research package is designed for professors and graduate students who are performing independent or graduate-level academic research.

Arena Academic Research

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Full functionality of the Professional version of Arena Simulation Software.

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