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The Arena Advantage for Students

Since Arena Simulation Software is the most used Discrete Event Simulation Software in the world, students who have Arena experience possess a valuable skill sought after by many companies. With Arena training, students are introduced to the principles of simulation and will enhance their problem-solving skills by conducting effective simulation modeling, analysis, and research projects. Simulation concepts are understood quickly and easily through a simple flowchart modeling approach. There is no need to be a programmer to take advantage of Arena’s comprehensive features and capabilities. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience gained through university course work and research helps students build a strong foundation in discrete-event simulation that applies to real-world situations they will encounter in the workplace.

The Arena Student version provides the functionality of Arena Professional Edition, with only a limit to the size of the models that can be built. The student version is available for download free of charge!

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IIE/Arena Student Competition

Do you have what it takes to compete against simulation students from around-the-world?
Enter the annual IISE/Arena Student competition and find out.

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The Arena Video Library contains helpful videos and example problems.

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