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5 Suppliers to 100 Different Customers with 17 Modules


By André Jacques, Director of Technology
Published: July 27, 2017

Categories: Consultant’s Corner, Ports & Terminals, Project Management, Supply Chain/Logistics

Data-Driven Supply Chain Model Built with Arena

Using Arena, it is easy to build a supply chain simulation model where trucks deliver material from 5 supplier sites to 100 different customer locations. Data-driven models are a very powerful type of simulation models, which rely on data to drive the actions taking place. This model only requires 17 modules of flowchart logic and creating animation is not mandatory. Andre at SimWell, our Premier Partner in Canada, has created a video to further explain how to build such a model, using the following data driven tools:

  • Sets of Stations
  • Sets of Queues
  • Arrayed Variables for Input Data

Check out the video below:

SimWell - Data Driven Supply Chain Model

Want to try it out for yourself? Download this model for free here.


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André Jacques

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