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Assembly Line Simulation Software

There is a constant demand to increase production speed, product quality, and efficiency on production lines, while reducing costs. The challenge is obtaining reliable data about the ways certain variables can impact overall performance. For example:  

  • Machine reliability: if a machine is refurbished or replaced, how much will this affect overall efficiency, downtime, and product quality?
  • Machine adjustment: if a machine is recalibrated to increase speed, how much will this impact product quality and the condition of the machine?
  • Line Balancing: what machine adjustments need to be made to balance the load across the entire line in order to maximize throughput?
  • Operators: do investments in additional operators, training, or automation reduce errors and performance bottlenecks?
  • Additional lines: does the demand for increased throughput or a new product require a new production line, or can existing lines handle the demand?

Simulation offers the actionable intelligence you need before making adjustments to your line.

What is Assembly Line Simulation?

Assembly line simulation software provides a computer-based model of your production line that can be used to validate, test and improve the performance.  Simulations in the virtual world can be used to predict and improve actual performance quickly, cheaply and with lower risk than tests in the real-world.  The result is enabling companies to increase throughput and reduce cost by using operational models that incorporate relevant variability and system interactions.

Arena is the world’s leading discrete event simulation platform, serving the majority of Fortune 100 companies.

Download the free trial of Arena to start creating models today, or contact us to learn more.

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