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Emergency Medicine Simulation

Inefficient processes in emergency departments can result in longer patient wait times or can even put patient lives at risk, especially when the unexpected happens. Inefficiency also increases costs and reduces profitability.  Simulation helps you improve operations while preparing for the worst.

What is Emergency Medicine Simulation?

Simulation for emergency departments enables you to model all aspects of the emergency department process and workflows.  These simulation models typically include interactions between functions, resources required and variability within the process.  Emergency department simulation can improve efficiency and patient outcomes as well as reduce costs by enabling you to:

  • Determine how many doctors, nurses, and support staff are needed for every shift
  • Reduce the average time of emergency room visits
  • Ensure there are enough patient beds available
  • Share common equipment and department resources
  • Determine which patients should receive immediate attention
Arena is the leading global provider of hospital simulation solutions, and is currently used in hundreds of hospitals in more than 20 different countries.

The software is user-friendly and requires no programming experience. Users can easily build models by dragging and dropping modules into your simulation. Models can be run multiple times with different variables to provide information on how to improve processes.

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