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Hospital Patient Flow Simulation

Hospitals are dynamic systems that must continually adjust to today’s healthcare requirements. Not only must hospitals find new ways to enable better care at a lower cost, they must also improve efficiency and operational stability, while developing new care and business models to expand capacity.

Unfortunately, most process improvement methodologies do not produce models that accurately predict results or help hospitals improve intended outcomes.

That's where Arena Simulation comes in.

Arena is the leading global provider of hospital simulation solutions, and is currently used in hundreds of hospitals in more than 20 different countries.

Arena helps hospitals measure and optimize their processes to improve patient flow. Arena allows hospital administrators to create models that can be tested and adjusted quickly—which lowers cost, saves time, and decreases the risk often associated with the standard trial-and-error approach.

Arena has enabled hospitals to determine the following:

  • Impact of arrival rates/patterns on patient length of stay.
  • Optimal resource requirements to meet surgical schedules.
  • Proper allocation of beds to match patient demographics.
  • Reduce costs through utilization of clinical communal resources.

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