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Lean / Six Sigma Simulation Software

Lean manufacturing attempts to maximize value by identifying and eliminating waste, and Six Sigma attempts to improve quality by minimizing process variabilities that cause defects. One of the most significant challenges in implementing either of these methodologies is measuring how changes to a variable or a process affects that process and other processes downstream. Simulation can capture the impact of variability in ways that spreadsheets and other methods cannot.

What is Simulation for Lean and Six Sigma?

Lean and Six Sigma simulation software produces digital models of your processes that allow you to see how hypothetical changes could ultimately reduce waste and defects, and improve value through cost reduction and improved throughput.

Arena has been used extensively in a variety of industries to provide insight and guidance for both lean and Six Sigma.

Here are some examples of ways it has been used across several different industries:

  • Manufacturing Rework: Automotive parts fail inspection and require rework, which is also causing gridlock in the system. Improving the pass rate will result in longer processing times, but the increase is small enough that overall throughput will be improved and chances for gridlock will be reduced.
  • Order Processing: Orders for heavy trucks can contain conflicting configurations or are missing key information when they are sent to manufacturing. A new order processing system will catch errors before they are submitted by the dealers, resulting in more consistent processing times.
  • Cancer Treatment Scheduling: when patients with the shortest jobs were scheduled first, staff and equipment resources were more available to patients with longer jobs later in the day.
  • Managing Hospital Blood Work: using smaller trays to carry blood work tubes improved value by reducing wasted resources and turnaround time.

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Challenge: determine at the planning and evaluation stages that lean manufacturing is the optimal manufacturing method.

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