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Logistics Optimization Software

Logistics touches every part of an enterprise and even goes beyond to include suppliers, carriers and customers.  Needless to say, logistics is complicated with many interdependent components.  This high degree of complexity is difficult to manage without the use of models that accurately represent the processes and their interactions.

What is Logistics Optimization?

Logistics optimization helps you determine how different factors affect your logistics processes and the transitions between these activities, so you can reduce cost and improve throughput. For example:

  • Can costs and time can be improved with less than truckload (LTL) vs full truckload (FTL) by factoring in the staging process, labor costs, overtime, late fees, and predicted failures?
  • Can costs and time be improved with a barge-by-barge schedule, or a fixed barge schedule?
  • Can efficiency be improved and overall expense reduced if a second bay is added to the warehouse?

Effective optimization requires simulation, and that’s where Arena can help.

Arena is the world’s leading discrete event simulation platform, serving all of the top-5 global supply chain companies.

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