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Packaging Optimization Software

Packaging lines can be tasked with processing hundreds or even thousands or products per minute. A multitude of variables impact the performance of these systems—including machine speeds, conveyor speeds, and capacity—and failure to meet required demands can compromise production. Improving performance and reducing downtime requires a robust solution that factors in multiple variations and system interactions—a task which is almost impossible to accomplish using spreadsheet analysis.

What is Packaging Optimization?

Packaging optimization is a computer-based model of the packaging process that enables you to simulate packing line operation in a virtual world before implementing modifications in the real world.  These models incorporate system interactions, resource requirements and process variability into the simulation to provide a realistic view of packing operations.  These models   enable  organizations to address important issues like the following:

  • Impact of changing machine speeds and downtimes
  • Impact of conveyor speeds and accumulation capacity
  • Operator requirements to meet machine changeover and machine downtime events
  • Effect of variation due to downtime and changeover on system operation
  • Impacts of the line control system

Effective optimization requires simulation, and that’s where Arena can help.

Arena is the world's leading discrete event simulation platform, serving the majority of Fortune 100 companies.

Arena is the leading global business process simulation solution, which gives packaging engineers the ability to create models that can be tested and adjusted quickly without any programming experience. Implementing an optimization strategy using models lowers cost, saves time, and decreases the risk often associated with the standard trial-and-error approach.

Case Studies

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