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Plant Simulation Software

Successful plant operation requires that multiple process operations are coordinated to work at maximum efficiency. If your production line is unbalanced, the result can be increased WIP, higher off-grade material and a reduction in plant throughput. Logistics inefficiencies can also increase costs when production must stop due to resource constraints or available storage capacity. Simulation can help you optimize your plant processes to reduce costs and improve throughput.

What is Plant Simulation?

Plant simulation software allows you to create digital models of your production processes to improve how each process interacts with, transitions to, and is affected by the next process. For example:

  • Manufacturing: model the interactions and variability between systems and resources. Determine inefficiencies and bottlenecks as well as the ways downstream operations can impact production.
  • Packaging: model the effects of adjustments to machine or conveyor speeds, as well as system downtime and maintenance.
  • Logistics: determine how scheduling or resource allocation affects efficiency with receiving, distribution, and warehousing.
Arena is used extensively in plants across the globe, and in applications from metals processing to pharmaceutical production.

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