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Warehouse Simulation Software

Whether you are still trying to determine the location and size of your warehouse, or you need to improve efficiencies and reduce costs at your existing facility, simulation can help.

What is Warehouse Simulation?

Warehouse simulation is a computer-based model of warehouse operations and workflows that can be used to validate, test and improve the performance of your warehouses.  Simulations in the virtual world can be used to predict and improve actual performance quickly, cheaply and with lower risk than tests in the real-world. These models enable companies to test the impact of “what if” adjustments prior to selecting or changing any of the following:

  • Geographical location of the warehouse
  • Facility size for capacity requirements, with the ability to scale
  • Floor layout, product organization, and picking strategy to increase throughput
  • Labor requirements for each shift and for complex processes
  • Sharing or adding equipment and other resources
  • Planning for increased volume

Arena warehouse simulation software is the comprehensive tool to evaluate your warehouse. Not only can you simulate multiple variations within specific processes to determine if equipment or labor are causing the bottleneck, you can also test how efficiencies break down when different processes like picking and palletizing interact.

With no programming experience, you can drag and drop modules into your simulation to model your warehouse, and use Arena’s 2D or 3D visualization tools to view your changes. Models can be run multiple times with different variables to provide information on how to improve processes.

Download the free trial of Arena to start creating models today or contact us to learn more.