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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where do I get Arena and how do I install it?

Arena simulation software can be found on here: Download a Trial.

  1. Select Download a Trial.
  2. Fill out the form including your email.
  3. A link will be emailed to you in a few minutes.  Please check your Trash or Spam Folders if the email does not show up in your Inbox.
  4. Click on the link and save the update to a folder on your desktop.
  5. Open that folder and right click on the Arena update.
  6. Select Winzip to unzip the file. Unzip to this folder.
  7. Select AUTORUN.EXE.
  8. Install Arena.

Where can I find FactoryTalk Activation Manager and how do I Install it?

Factory Talk Activation Manager is included with the Arena Software download.

  1. If you have already installed Arena, please go directly to step 8.
  2. Select Download a Trial.
  3. Fill out the form including your email.
  4. A link will be emailed to you in a few minutes.  Please check your Trash or Spam Folders if the email does not show up in your Inbox.
  5. Click on the link and save the update to a folder on your desktop.
  6. Open that folder and right click on the Arena update.
  7. Select Winzip to unzip the file. Unzip to this folder.
  8. Select AUTORUN.EXE.
  9. Select Install FactoryTalk Activation Manager.
  10. You will need to reboot after the installation.

How do I Uninstall Arena?

Open Control Panel > Programs and Features and Uninstall the following programs.

(Select the Arena version that you want to uninstall.)


Microsoft Access Database engine

SAP Crystal Reports Runtime engine for .NET framework

What type of Office products should be installed when running Arena?

Arena – 64-bit works best with 64-bit Office Products and a 64-bit operating system.

Arena – 32-bit works best with 32-bit Office Products and a 32-bit operating system.


FactoryTalk Activation Manager

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How do I Rehost a license?

Go in to FactoryTalk Manager>Manage Activations tab.

1.   Click  Rehost Activations

2.   Click on Select Activations. Make sure I have internet access from this computer is checked.

3.   Select the activations to be rehosted then click Complete Rehosting. Your license is now available.

How do I download a license to my computer?

Use FactoryTalk Activation Manager to download a new activation for this computer. Your computer must be connected to the Internet.

For each product you want to activate, you need the following:

  • Product serial number
  • Product key

To get a new activation for this computer:

  1. Click the Manage Activations tab.
  2. Click Get New Activations.
  3. Select Download activations to this computer.
  4. Click Enter Activation Information.
  5. Enter the serial number and product key for the Rockwell Automation software product you want to download.

Tip: Any row with an error is flagged with a red exclamation point icon. To see the details of the error, hover over the icon. To return to the Enter Information page and correct the error, at the top of the page, click Enter Activation Information.

  1. The Host ID Information default is the disk serial number. To select a different Host ID:
    • Click in the Host ID Information cell in the table.
    • Click the Browse button (...), and then select a Host ID.
    • Click Select. 
  2. Click Add. If the activation requires a quantity, in the # to Download cell in the table, enter the quantity.
  3. To get activations for more products or additional Host IDs, repeat steps 5 through 6.
  4. Click Download Activation.

What version of FactoryTalk Activation Manager is required?

FactoryTalk Activation Manager is included with the Arena download. Use the version of Factory Talk Activation Manager included with your Arena download.  To install Factory Talk Activation Manager, select the MediaImage folder > autorun.exe, select Install Factory Talk Activation Manager.

How do you activate an Arena 64 or 32 bit license?

  1. Open FactoryTalk Activation Manager.  Select the Manage Activation tab > Get New Activations
  2. Enter the Serial# and Product Key then select Validate Activations
  3. Change the # to download if needed.
  4. Change the Earliest Version to the version you want to activate.
  5. Select Download Activation.
  6. Select Manage This Server > Refresh Server.  The Server State will turn yellow then green – Running
  7. Select the Manage Activation tab > Find Available Activations > Refresh Activations.  You should see the activations displayed under Available Activations
  8. Open Arena.

On the Clients who will be using Arena.

Install Arena/Install Factory Talk Activation Manager.  Reboot.

Point each client to the server using the following instructions.

1. Open Factory Talk Activations Manager> Manage Activations tab > Find Available Activations

2. Select Update Activation Search Path

3. Select Add Server

4. Add the path to where the license resides on the server. You can also enter the server name.  You can find the name by opening Factory Talk on the server > Manage Activation tab > Find Available Activations.   The name is located under Location which is under Available Activations.

5. Click Up to make this path the 1st line. Make sure it is selected then click Save

6. Click the Advanced tab > Manage this Server.

7. Click Refresh Server.  Server State should be Green – Running

8. Click on the Manage Activation tab > Find Available Activations

9. Click on Refresh Activations.  You should see the Activations appear under Available Activations

General Topics

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Is Arena supported on a Mac?

Arena is a Windows-based application. We support the following operating systems:

Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7, Microsoft Windows Vista (SP2 or later), Microsoft Windows® XP Pro or Home (32-bit SP3, 64-bit SP2), Microsoft Windows® Server 2008

Although not officially supported or tested, users have successfully used Windows emulation packages to work with Arena on a Mac.

Where can I find the Input Analyzer or Process Analyzer?

Included with a typical installation of Arena, the Input Analyzer or Process Analyzer can be found in Arena, under the Tools Menu option.

Where can I find the Arena Student version?

On the Arena website, the Download the Trial option will provide you with the latest release of Arena.  (You will be required to register. You will receive a link to download the software when you complete your registration.) During the installation of Arena, when asked for a serial number, use STUDENT to install with the academic modeling limits.

How do I open OptQuest in Arena?

Select Tools > Arena Visual Designer > OptQuest optimization or you can select Arena Visual Designer on the toolbar then OptQuest optimization.

Where do I find Output Analyzer?

Select Start > All Programs > Rockwell Software > Arena > Output Analyzer


Using Arena

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What does the error message “Unexpected File Format” mean?

This error typically appears when you are trying to open a model created in a newer version of Arena than you are currently using.  You may open models created in older versions of Arena with a newer version of the application.  You may NOT use an older version of the software to open a model created with a newer version of Arena. (See Tools (IMPORT/EXPORT) model to database to move model logic.)

What are Smarts files and where are they located?

Smarts files are a unique collection of small models that demonstrate a variety of modeling techniques and situations commonly encountered using Arena. Smarts have been specifically designed for use as a training or reference tool to assist you in your model-building efforts. These models are located in folders in the Smarts folder within your main Arena folder (for example, \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Rockwell Software\Arena\Smarts\Animation).

NOTE: For Windows server 2003 R2 sp2 and Windows XP sp3, the files are located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Rockwell Software\Arena\Smarts

For Windows Vista sp2 and Windows 7, the files are located in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Rockwell Software\Arena\Smarts

Where can I get an older version of Arena to download?

You can contact Arena Support at arena-support@ra.rockwell.com to discuss previous versions. 

What is the difference between Resource capacity and Resource quantity?

Resource Capacity is the number of available Resource units available to the system for processing.  This value is defined in the Resource data module.  Resource quantity is the number of resources required to be seized/released for the process to be completed defined in the Process or Seize module.

Technical Support


E-mail: arena-support@ra.rockwell.com

Hours are M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time Zone)

Have the serial number of your active product available.

The Arena Video Library contains helpful videos and example problems.

Arena Video Library

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