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Arena enables you to analyze call priorities, call routing options, staffing optimization, caller wait times and more. The full-featured functionality of Arena’s call center simulation software makes it a great solution for companies seeking to improve their call center operations and improve customer service.  

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Arena Simulation Software


  • Easy-to-Build Call Center Process Flow

    Arena utilizes a modeling methodology that enables you to build a call center process flow in a fast, intuitive and easy-to-learn manner. Arena’s drag and drop elements and structures allow you build simulations and visualize results with engaging 2D and 3D animation capabilities that do not require programming assistance.
  • Dashboards for Call Center Optimization

    Arena’s built-in dynamic dashboards provide the model analysis you need to facilitate call center optimization. Within Arena you can build customized displays of the model information to enable you to better understand what is happening in your process.

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High level customer service is a competitive advantage for organizations around the world.  As business grows, the challenges of providing the required levels of service and support are great.  Arena call center simulation software enables companies to model, evaluate and analyze their customer service procedures enabling them to improve their processes and gain an edge on the competition.

Call Center Facts

  • Analyze Call Priorities
  • Evaluate Call Routing Options
  • Optimize Staffing
  • Reduce Caller Wait Times

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