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Mining is a complex business.  It is very process/capital intensive and significantly impacted by external factors like commodity prices and weather. Usage of water and energy are also key factors impacting today’s mining operations.

Arena mining simulation software enables mining companies to evaluate changes to their mining operations as well as evaluating the impacts of external factors like weather and commodity prices.  Arena has enabled mining companies to reduce capital expenditures by 10-20% and get more out of their existing mining assets and resources.

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Arena Simulation Software


  • Easy-to-Build Mining Process Flow

    Arena utilizes a modeling methodology that enables you to build a mining process flow in a fast, intuitive and easy-to-learn manner. Arena’s drag and drop elements and structures allow you to build simulations and visualize results with engaging 2D and 3D animation capabilities that do not require programming assistance.
  • Dashboards for Mine Modeling

    Mine model analysis is quick and easy with Arena’s built-in dynamic dashboards. Within Arena you can build customized displays of the model information to enable you to better understand what is happening in your process.

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Featured Mining Simulation Software Resources

Arena mining simulation software is a powerful tool for mining companies to enhance their operational performance.  The following case studies represent some of the ways Arena has been successfully utilized in the mining industry.

Minerals & Mining Facts

  • Reduce Water/Energy Consumption
  • Optimize Planning and Scheduling
  • Determine Size/Capacity of Conveyors
  • Evaluate Asset Management Strategies