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Evaluate Transport Options


The Challenge

Schedule trucks accordingly on the mountain roads to transport rocks efficiently.

The Arena Solution

Anticipating the congestion that might be caused by many trucks running on the mountain roads at the same time, the stochastic simulation technique was utilized to figure out whether it would affect the rock production. 


The experimental application of the Arena to this project demonstrated that the Arena’s transporter flowchart module was an effective tool to simulate the truck’s speed reduction, which is often critical in construction planning. The authors believe that Arena’s ability to represent the entities moving in the simulation model should facilitate the industry practitioners to validate the logic of the model and develop confidence in the result of simulation.

The presented simulation model however used fixed values for all activities except the time needed for the trucks to pass the 4-way stop intersections just to study the impact of traffic congestion on the rock production. For accurate results, the authors are adding more variables to the simulation model. 

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A new container terminal is currently constructed in South Korea in order to handle ever increasing goods transported. The proposed terminal site is partially occupied by a rock mountain that should be removed to provide necessary aggregates and eventually a flat land. A total of 23 million cubic meters of rocks are to be excavated from this mountain, and the port authority wants to get it done within 30 months. As many as 100 dump trucks are expected to be hired every day to transport rocks to be blasted at least 10 different locations on the mountain