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Arena offers comprehensive support:  online, via phone and e-mail.

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E-mail: arena-support@ra.rockwell.com

Hours are M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time Zone)

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More Accurately Model Demand with New Adjustable Batch Module

By Judy Jordan, Sr. Tech Support Engineer

To meet demand or satisfy schedules it may be necessary to create a partial batch in your model. Use the Arena 15 new Adjustable Batch module to easily create a partial batch or group of entities. The adjustable batch may be based on time or a signal. This video demonstrates how you would create a partial batch if the Maximum waiting time has been met.

Consultant's Corner

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Tis the Seasonality for Simulation!

By Nancy Zupick, Arena Consulting & Support Manager

Production lines and services systems by their very nature are complex. Add seasonality to the mix and balancing these systems becomes even more challenging. Seasonality along with varying types of items or services being offered can impact everything from storage of raw materials, changeovers, and warehousing. Arena allows users to better understand how these factors work together and their impact on production.

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