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Three Tools for Optimal Production Planning

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By Jon Santavy, Arena International Partner Manager

Seasonal demand challenges have an effect on production planning throughout the year. In particular, the fashion and apparel industries are fiercely driven by seasonal demand, and this industry requires accurate planning to ensure the right products are on the shelves at the right time. With Arena, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the largest athletic apparel, food, and specialty manufacturing companies struggling to manage production planning in the face of seasonal/uneven demand. In this article, I'll share with you three tools industry leaders are using for optimal production planning.

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Our Development Journey

By Mark Glavach, Arena Development Manager

Three years ago we embarked on a new journey with Arena that has led to 10 new releases and updates. Version 15 is the 11th and most comprehensive. What’s new about this journey? New leadership, a new product management team, and focus on product development.

Mining:  Renewed Interest in Cost Savings

By Geoff Gray

The mining of minerals and coal have been cyclic industries for over a century with global periods of boom and bust. During the last 5 years a number of factors have combined to change the dynamics within the industry. The end result has been significant downward pressure on product pricing. The end result is that volume alone is no longer a sure route to profit.

Testing Lean Changes, Small or Large

By Mark Graban, Vice President of Improvement and Innovation Services, KaiNexus

Lean is about teams and organizations working together in the continuous pursuit of perfection (even if we never quite get there). Improvement means change, which therefore means risk, as we might try something that doesn’t work (or has side effects). Too many organizations create overly-cautious leaders who make employees afraid to try anything new because they might stumble or fail. Lean gives us mindsets and tools to minimize the risks involved with change while moving progress forward.

Airport Terminal Security Screening Checkpoints:  Still An Industrial Engineering Problem

By Gloria Bender, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, TransSolutions, LLC

The rate of passenger screening at US airports this summer has received significant focus by the media as a result of the strongest growth in US air passenger traffic since 9/11 occurring at the same time as reduced TSA screener funding. Shortly after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) took over responsibility for screening all passengers and their carry-on baggage at 450+ US commercial service airports, an aviation industry expert commented that the problem is not a security problem but an industrial engineering problem.

Making the Right Call with Contact Centers

By Alim Bhanji, Consultant, SATOV Consultants

Chances are you’re no stranger to omni-channel service – almost every company engages its customers through multiple channels, from phone to web. However, businesses are often too quick to equate high-touch – and high-cost – agents with a better customer experience and lower-cost digital interactions with a worse one. Alim Bhanji from Satov Consultants shares his experience improving customer sanctification and reducing cost in a complex omni-channel service operation.

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