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Consultant’s Corner

Tis the Seasonality for Simulation!

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By Nancy Zupick, Arena Consulting & Support Manager

Production lines and services systems by their very nature are complex. Add seasonality to the mix and balancing these systems becomes even more challenging. Seasonality along with varying types of items or services being offered can impact everything from storage of raw materials, changeovers, and warehousing. Arena allows users to better understand how these factors work together and their impact on production.

Past Newsletter Consultant’s Corner

Applying the New Capabilities in Arena v15

By Nancy Zupick, Arena Consulting & Support Manager

New features? Sounds great, but what do they mean for you? Driven by feedback from our global partners and customers, Arena v15 is packed full of new features that will bring value to users of all kinds. In this Consultant's Corner, we take a closer look at a few of our favorites and explain what they mean for you!

Simulating the Extraction Plan

By Marcelo Moretti Fioroni, R&D Director, Paragon Tecnologia

Every mine has an extraction plan. Incorporating this plan into your simulation enhances the accuracy of your model. Mining expert, Marcelo Moretti Fioroni, shares best practices for building these models.

The New Art of Lean Visual Management

By Mihir Shah, Production Control Manager, National Oilwell Varco

When people can understand what is going on without having to dig and ask questions, they become engaged in the process. Communicating information throughout all departments and levels of an organization is critical for implementing and sustaining lean manufacturing initiatives. Visual systems can go in a long way to help reinforce the behaviors that you are trying to instill in the employees. Through visual management, employees gain an understanding and therefore can engage in the problem solving easier.

Developing Custom Templates in Arena

By Karthik Ramanujan, Senior Associate, TransSolutions, LLC

Arena includes a wide range of standard templates to build simulation models. But what if you need something more specific? Arena enables you to develop custom templates to address your needs.

Delivering on Promises

By Gail Kenny, Arena Simulation Consultant

Making a promise can be nerve-racking. How can you determine if your system can deliver what has been promised? How can you be confident that you can meet cost expectations as proposed? Can your system meet throughput requirements with the proposed changes to product flow? If you increase customer demand, how does this impact your staffing requirements? Gail Kenny shares 22 years' experience delivering on promises in this month’s Consulting Corner.

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