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Newsletter Issues

Issue #3:  Simulation in Healthcare

Few industries have undergone more changes in recent years than the Healthcare industry.  From increasing regulatory complexity to the impact of rising costs on profitability and patient care to how to best respond to disease outbreaks, Healthcare providers face a myriad of challenges.  Simulation is an effective means of addressing these issues.

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Issue #2:  Operational Decision-Making with Arena

The most common use of Discrete Event Simulation is to help solve critical strategic issues for an organization.  However, many companies are realizing that they can achieve even greater benefits by using simulation to address real-time operational challenges.

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Issue #1:  Ensuring Simulation Project Success

Welcome to the first edition of the Arena Newsletter!  Each edition will aim to provide practical insights into simulation, share how other organizations are using Arena to realize significant value and teach you some technical tricks to get more out of Arena. This first issue is focused on ways to ensure your simulation project is a success.

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