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More Accurately Model Demand with New Adjustable Batch Module

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By Judy Jordan, Sr. Tech Support Engineer

To meet demand or satisfy schedules it may be necessary to create a partial batch in your model. Use the Arena 15 new Adjustable Batch module to easily create a partial batch or group of entities. The adjustable batch may be based on time or a signal. This video demonstrates how you would create a partial batch if the Maximum waiting time has been met.

Past Newsletter Tips and Tricks

Six Things You Need To Know About Arena v15

By Steve Blatney

The response to our release of Arena v15 is astounding. Users with 20+ years of experience have expressed their excitement to reduce modeling time by days/weeks, and new users are diving into more complex problems more quickly. What’s all the fuss about? We share 6 Things You Need to Know about Arena v15 below. A special thank you to our Premier Partner, SimWell. The SimWell team has put their experience into short instructional videos for the Arena community to learn how to apply some of the new features in Arena v15.

What is the advantage of 64 bit?

By Sue Strickling, Arena Technical Support Engineer

Arena v15 takes simulation into areas not previously possible. Here are some ways in which 64 bit can make a big difference for simulation.

Strategies to Model Ore Processing Plants

By Alex Ouellet, President, Simwell

An ore processing plant is not discrete, but rather continuous. In Arena, it is possible to represent the flow of ore on a conveyor in a continuous manner.

Lean Tips & Tricks

By Melanie Barker, Arena Simulation Consultant

In Lean manufacturing, one common technique is to sort jobs based on their expected processing time and then to run the shortest ones first. Learn how to accomplish this and more in this week's Tips & Tricks!

How to Handle Complex Queueing Environments at the Airport

By Melanie Barker, Arena Simulation Consultant

As anyone who’s been to an airport recently can attest, queueing is part of the experience. One of the first issues for any modeler is the wide variety of flyers; there are the road warrior business travelers, the leisurely vacationers, and the families with young children in tow. While all of these passengers may share an airplane, there are vast differences in their behaviors as they navigate the airport. In Arena, attributes can be used to assist with modeling these variations.

Call Center Facts

  • Analyze Call Priorities
  • Evaluate Call Routing Options
  • Optimize Staffing
  • Reduce Caller Wait Times

Food & Beverage Facts

  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced WIP
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Optimize Resource Utilization
  • Test new process configurations before implementing in the plant.