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Formal training is highly recommended to ensure that you receive the most from your investment in Arena Simulation Software.  We offer a variety of public courses throughout the year as well as provide customer-specific on-site training at your facilities.  All courses are taught by our team of consultants who have a broad range of simulation experience.  Whichever path you choose, we are confident you will benefit from our Arena training offerings.

Arena Standard/Professional Edition Course

The Arena Standard/Professional Edition course is taught by experienced Arena Simulation Consultants and consists of an even balance of lectures and hands-on workshops.

We offer regularly scheduled public courses at our office in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, we offer the option of conducting the same course at your offices. The on-site course uses the same agenda and materials of the public course. If you have multiple attendees, the on-site course can be a cost effective option.

  Public Course Fee: US $3,000/student

  Course Agenda

  Public Course Schedule

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Arena Advanced Course

This 3-day course on advanced Arena topics is taught by experienced Arena Simulation Consultants and consists of lectures, examples, and hands-on workshops. Students learn more about: debugging, use of pointers, advanced use of Sets, some useful Blocks and Elements, searching and queue manipulation, advanced resource behavior, input data, and advanced statistics and analysis as well as other topics.

  Students enrolling in the course should have completed the Arena Standard/Professional Edition Training Course and at least one simulation project.

  Just like our Standard/Professional edition course, the Advanced course is also available as an on-site course.

  Public Course Fee: US $3,000/student

  Arena Advanced Course Topics

  Advanced Course Dates

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Half Day Arena Web Course

Rockwell Automation offers a 1/2 day web-based training to meet your specific needs. Learn Arena from the convenience of your office. No travel required! Our expert Arena consultants will work with you to determine the scope of the training class.

Sample Course Topics:

  • Arena Visual Designer (create live data dashboards and 3D animation)
  • SIMAN Blocks and Elements
  • Arena and VBA Overview
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Advanced Use of Sets
  • OptQuest for Arena
  • Custom review of your Arena project

You design the training that is right for you!

Course Fee: $1,000

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International Course Offerings

Many of our worldwide business partners provide software training. Selected international course schedules are listed here:

  Training Courses in Argentina

  Training Courses in Australia

  Training Courses in Brazil

  Training Courses in Canada

  Training Courses in France

  Training Courses in India

  Training Courses in Israel

  Training Courses in Italy

  Training Courses in Middle East

  Training Courses in The Netherlands and UK by System's Navigator

Training Courses in The UK by Link-2

  For other training courses at a location near you, contact your local representative. Click here for a list of our global partners

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Arena Packaging Template Course

Rockwell Automation offers a two-day course on the Arena Packaging Template that covers each module in the template. The workshop includes several hands-on exercises. Overviews of the simulation engine and statistical reports are presented. You’ll learn key techniques for modeling issues such as reliability, loss, palletizing operations, filling operations, changeovers, and control logic. If you’re a new user of the Arena Packaging Template, this course is highly recommended to ensure success with your first simulation project.

  As with all of our courses, you have the option of taking one of our public courses or having the course conducted on-site at your facility.

  Public Course Fee: US $2,500/student

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