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Arena Advanced Course Topics

Useful Blocks and Elements

This section explains the concept of numbering model elements and referencing the symbol numbers of resources, queues and stations in a series of exercises. The nicknames and arrivals elements are introduced, as well as considerations with using the duplicate block.

• Useful Blocks and Elements Workshop

Debugging Techniques

This section reviews the types of errors, use of debugging tools, and examples of six common errors.

• Debugging Workshops 1 - 5

Advanced Use of Sets

Expanded use of sets, including station sets, queue sets and picture sets, is introduced and defined. Using sets in conjunction with arrayed variables and expressions is also discussed. Four exercises using sets and arrays give students hands-on experience modeling with sets, pointers, and arrays.

•  Advanced Use of Sets Workshop

Introductory Searching

The J index variable and searching is discussed in this section. Queue searches, entities in an infinite hold (detached queue), and removing these entities are also concepts covered. Students have an opportunity to perform a reneging exercise and learn how to handle a dynamic starting point with their searches.

• Searching Workshop

Queue Manipulation and Queue System Variables

This section reviews the NQ and AQUE variables. Students will also learn how to perform a search based upon an expression. Other useful variables such as IDENT, ENTATRANK, and A are discussed. Agent-based systems are also covered.

• Queue Variables Workshop

Advanced Grouping

Topics in this section include batching and separating batches, use of the Pickup and Dropoff modules, and the NG, AG, and ENTINGROUP variables. Students have the opportunity to perform two exercises illustrating the concepts discussed.

• Advanced Grouping Workshop

Advanced Expressions

This section describes the use of multiple two-dimensional arrays. Students will also learn how to set up virtual 3D arrays and typical uses for these arrays. Students will learn the use of the VAR and EXPR variables. Two exercises allow students to practice these concepts. A discussion of Boolean logic and extensive examples teach students how to leverage this concept in their own models.

Advanced Statistics and Analysis

Students learn the difference between collecting overall statistics and replication statistics and the OVALUE, MREP and NREP variables. A discussion of post run statistics and related variables is also covered. Students will learn about output statistics and periodic statistics.

• Advanced Statistics Workshop

Advanced Resource Behavior

Topics include a review of resource states and assigning states. Also addressed are advanced failure logic including preemption and advanced scheduling logic.

• Advanced Resource Behavior Workshop

Time Considerations in Arena

This section covers the Arena event calendar, the order of entity execution of logic, and timing errors. Students will see ten examples of common timing errors.

Input Data and Statistical Distributions

Students will learn about types of input data and fitting distributions to data using the Input Analyzer. The Non-Stationary Poisson process is discussed in detail. Students also learn the benefits of specifying random number streams for their distributions.