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Discrete Event Simulation Software

Discrete Event Modeling Empowers the Optimization of Complex Processes

Continuous change is typical in the majority of processes, so modeling a large, complex process can be a daunting task. Discrete event modeling is the process of depicting the behavior of a complex system as a series of well-defined and ordered events and works well in virtually any process where there is variability, constrained or limited resources or complex system interactions. 

Discrete event simulation allows you to quickly analyze a process or system’s behavior over time, ask yourself “why” or "what if" questions, and design or change processes or systems without any financial implications.

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Arena Discrete Event Simulation Software features: 

  • Flowchart modeling methodology includes a large library of pre-defined building blocks to model your process without the need for custom programming
  • Complete range of statistical distribution options to accurately model process variability
  • Ability to define object paths and routes for simulation
  • Statistical analysis and report generation
  • Performance metrics and dashboards
  • Realistic 2D and 3D animation capabilities to visualize results beyond numbers


  • Improve visibility into the effect of a system or process change
  • Explore opportunities for new procedures or methods without disrupting the current system
  • Diagnose and fix problems
  • Reduce or eliminate bottlenecks
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Improve financial forecasting
  • Better assess hardware and software requirements
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Better manage inventory levels, personnel, communications systems, and equipment
  • Increase profitability through overall improved operations